Team coaching, a new educational and human experience

Andrea Tonini
Team Coaching

This year's BM Group training program also involved company executives in three specific courses: Team Coaching, Sales Management and Project Management.

We met Andrea Tonini, CSO & Board Member of BM Group, to collect some impressions about this experience.

The first question concerns the BM Group's approach to the continuous training of its resources, aware that it is not easy to dedicate working time to these activities in such an intense period in terms of orders.
Andrea Tonini: "The growth of the BM Group, not only in terms of volumes but of resources and internationality, has made us understand how important it is to value resources and grow them in a constantly evolving landscape. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is to continue on his own path without considering the changing world around him, economic and social. Having said that, I admit that it is not easy to carve out time for a course or a seminar, although we do it because we believe in it. The starting point, the exchange or the best strategy that sometimes come out of these meetings become a tool for a better organization or "care" for the resolution of problems ".

Let's talk about Team Coaching: what can you tell us about it?
Andrea Tonini: "A solid certainty that I have is that the BM Group can count on the quality of its resources. What interests our management is to enhance the effectiveness of the work teams, increasing the collective performances. Having to coordinate mixed, very young and young, technical and commercial work groups, we wanted to go into the dynamics that, positively or negatively, influence the results.
We questioned ourselves and with the valid help of our trainer Giancarlo Manzoni, we started to lay the foundations for a collective development of our resources, a project that involves the professional sphere but also the human one. A continuous improvement activity like this must be welcomed and shared with the collaborators. We were happy to see everyone's enthusiasm and good will.