A System Integration Project case note



PROJECT: Automation Platform, Lean production and Data analysis software for a Handling system that sorts semi-finished products to operators, footwear industry.

TEAM: Federico Melzani (Project Manager), Simone Maffei (Software Engineer), Michele Mussi (Software Engineer).

BM Group Polytec acts as System Integrator, providing upgrade and digitalization packages that include automation systems, MES software and Mobile Apps. We asked Federico Melzani, Project Manager of BM Group Polytec, to explain us the technological platform supplied to Anzani Machinery, an italian company that produces machinery for footwear, apparel and leather industries.

Federico Melzani: “For the handling system that sorts semi-finished products to operators, We provided a complete automation platform and the lean production and data analysis software. We supplied four automation panels for 4 "Logimove Fully Automatic" lines management, equipped with PLC software for conveyor belts and automatic warehouses. We developed a SCADA software for the man-machine interface as well as for items and work steps creation and a MES software for the production’s line management, Tablet and Mobile App for communication between operators at work and system. The developed software allows a cycle time optimization, with an important reduction of waiting time and enables a complete time production’s analysis that results in an operator’s, item’s and order’s performances report. In addition, the software automatically controls production’s progress, production resources and tracks and traces each product along the production’s process.”