Polytec and CFP Enaip: partners in education

Since 60 years of experience in training, with particular attention to the practice labs, The CFP ENAIP of Tione di Trento has been educating young students with different professional paths. The Center is constantly engaged in the search for projects that connect school with firms operating in the area. Since 2018, the qualification path for Electromechanical Operator has been active: a new job aimed at new technologies introduced by industry 4.0 with attention to additive manufacturing, 3D printing, mechanics and industrial automation. Francesca Rinaldi, CFP ENAIP Director: "During the lockdown, due to coronavirus, our activity didn't stop. Thanks to a new collaboration with BM Group Polytec, always committed to bringing the world of professional school closer to robotics and mechatronics, our center is today equipped with a new industrial robot." BM Group Polytec has been in charge of designing and supplying a Comau robotic cell, destined to the electromechanical laboratory of the institute. It is a cell that covers over 35 square meters, bordered by safety systems. During the school year, teaching lessons by BM Group Polytec technical staff will be added to the training of teachers. BM Group Polytec invests once again in its territory, strengthening the school's practical laboratory activities, with the aim of facilitating the work placement of young people who, next to home, have the opportunity to find work at an innovative company, projected towards internationalization and the future.