Bundle bars tagging robotic cell for Siderurgica Sevillana

SPAIN. Digital Transformation is deeply involving the Spanish plant Siderurgica Sevillana, part of Gruppo Riva. After the first installation of a bundles bars tagging robotic cell Polytec in 2018, an identical robotized cell will be integrated at the end of the rolling mill, in order to fully automate the rolled products tagging. This robotic system will apply RFID tags that will permit to track the bundles in an automatic way up to track loading. Polytec robotics makes objective process and product data available, allowing the steel producer to increase production efficiency, safety and to certificate the final product quality.
"The essential thing is to design a project which understands and answers the process requirements that need to be improved. Technology is the inevitable step, which must be well coordinated to get it right. This is our job." said Michele Vezzola, Key Account Manager at BM Group Polytec.

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